Huddle rooms are taking over from board room video conferencing and large room based video conferencing

Huddle rooms are small communication spaces designed with the objective of swift professional collaboration to meet business goals faster. They’ve been incorporated by thousands of businesses worldwide. The key benefit of huddle rooms is that it helps businesses raise their operational efficiency and get more done within short time spans. Many businesses prefer huddle rooms over large room based video conferencing software infrastructure, due to better focus on business-critical collaboration. With huddle rooms, as opposed to large meeting spaces, remote meeting participants get a better face to face experience, as it reduces unwanted disturbance and distractions during large video conferences. Employees and managers can use a huddle room for fast discussions and collaborate with ease with any remote participant. .


Implementing Huddle Rooms for Your Business

Huddle rooms that are equipped with video conferencing software are the most productive areas to collaborate and get the job done. You can use hardware with wide angle lens that enables your participants to feel like they’re sitting at your table itself. It is better than traditional large room based video conferences and board rooms that are more resource intensive. You can have multiple huddle room spaces on your office floor and hold several high profile discussions simultaneously. Multiple huddle rooms can connect to the same participants, from any device or communication end point, at the same time.

By using an integrated online meeting and video conferencing solution like Zoom Rooms into your communication infrastructure, you can take your huddle room experience to the next level. Cloud, Hybrid or SaaS based Holistic’s Zoom Rooms is considered to be the most practically capable software for high-level business meetings. It lets businesses invite up to 200 participants for HD audio and video meetings, room based chat and instant file & screen sharing for advanced collaboration. Apart from its remarkable set of features, Zoom is quite easy to setup, doesn’t require any configuration and lets anyone connect without hassle. It can be the perfect fit for your huddle room’s video collaboration needs. With it, you can start meetings with a single click, share and receive business critical information on the fly, perform whiteboards and annotations and enjoy complete centralized management of all interactions.


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