What Is the Best Web Meeting Software

Video conferencing is one of the most preferred professional communication methods for modern businesses. It has become the best replacement for actual face to face meetings. With video conferencing, you get the same face to face communication experience in HD quality with additional features that help you collaborate better. Video conferencing software should have features that help your employees, partners, service providers and clients connect from any of their end devices i.e. mobile, desktop, tablet, laptop or H.323/SIP room systems. While choosing a video conferencing software, businesses should make sure that its features suit their communication requirements. So what is the best video conferencing software for your business?

The Best Video Conferencing Software

Holistic’sZoom Presence is considered by many businesses as the best video conferencing software for their professional communication needs. It is very easy to set up, offers small, medium and large conference rooms, one touch meetings, supports all platforms and devices, including external unified communication systems i.e. Cisco, Polycom and Lifesize, and with direct telephone dial in.


Why It Is The Best

Zoom Presence enables meeting admins to invite up to 100 interactive and 1000 view only attendees, and have them connect from anywhere, at any time. It offers an intuitive interface with one click controls for starting and ending meetings, managing participants, camera controls, one tap MP4 or M4A recording, instant content sharing and invitations. You can view your ongoing or scheduled meetings with its Meeting Lists, invite and view availability status for participants and share your mobile, tablet or desktop screen instantly. Your participants can switch between full screen and gallery views, with the option of dual streams for dual monitors. Anyone you want can join in just by entering their personalized meeting ID. It even supports inter operability for Skype for Business users, and scheduling through Google or MS Outlook.

Due to its hardware agnostic architecture, Zoom works on all your existing hardware, so you don’t have to upgrade anything. With its versatile Meeting Connector, you can effortless invite up to 350 participants and experience uninterrupted HD video conferences. You can share any type of files as large as 512Mbs along with annotations, whiteboards, private and group messaging. Zoom Presence offers several other great features that help you organise the best video conferences. With its flexible packages, and superior quality, its beats any other video conferencing software.

Holistic’s Zoom Presence is an advanced, easy to use video conferencing software for the professional communication needs of all businesses.


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